Why HueSpace?

HueSpace is the only E&P platform that combines lightning fast computation on GPUs and CPUs and state of the art multidimensional visualization and intelligent and predictive streaming of huge cross-domain data into an all-in-one, easy-to-use toolkit, to enable unparalleled interactivity for the next generation of E&P software applications.

Making Innovative Geoscience Easy

Geoscientists and engineers working in exploration & production have a specific purpose with their work. They attempt to achieve ambitious objectives - and they need software that let them work the way they would want to. HueSpace was designed and built for just that; letting people in the industry work the way they would like to work.

Software built with HueSpace allows users to work faster, get immediate visual response to what they do and have their computers perform work for them, interactively and in the background. Since HueSpace employs smart technologies - such as only fetching the data that is required for visualization or computations, or computing only what is required to be computed, or maintaining information of the compute chains that lead to the end results on screen - users can focus on their work as opposed to on how to operate their software. Developers and researchers that rely on HueSpace to turn geoscience innovation into production code get the benefit of the industry's most smart and powerful visualization and accelerated compute engine. That is how we help you make your innovative geoscience available in ways that your users will love.

Who Needs HueSpace?

Anyone who is involved in designing and developing applications or workflows where

  • Data matters - whether it's because the datasets and data types in question are huge and multi-dimensional, such as terabyte prestack or WAZ datasets, or your workflows require access to thousands of wells, HueSpace will scale better than any other software available on the market.
  • Interactivity matters - because providing immediate feedback to users allow them to properly test one or hundreds of hypotheses, and understanding data in context is critical - and HueSpace is the only technology on the market designed specifically with this in mind.
  • Visualization matters - because that's generally how geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers and analysts think and analyze their data; visually.

Users shouldn't have to wait, and wait, and wait, to see the results of their work. Yet, that is often the case for much of the daily work in E&P. By employing HueSpace, users get the benefit of GPU acceleration and parallellization, data streaming of compressed data and immediate feedback. Developers get the benefit of actually being able to deliver what the users want.

Our Inspiration

About 20 years ago, another industry realized that technology was limiting their ability to quickly deliver high-quality products to their market. The approach they adopted allowed them to dramatically improve product quality, deliver more products to market, and triple their revenue. This industry is immersive 3D games, an industry that from 2002 to 2012 grew from 22 to 68 billion USD.

The modern 3D games industry has settled around a flexible model of separating core game engine functionality from the creation of particular games or "gaming workflows". The core engine provides a suite of development tools and reusable software components for the commonly used functions in individual games, such as graphics, scenes, sound, physics, and artificial intelligence.

In a 3D immersive game, it is the core engine that is responsible for rendering and powering everything seen on the screen—from the 3D "scene", including lighting, shadows and textures; to objects' trajectory and movement, and the physics and dynamics of all materials involved. These 3D engines have been described as engineering and architectural marvels of the 21st century, because they incorporate deep expertise in multiple scientific domains in addition to the highly developed computer science.

The gaming industry moved to this powerful model over 20 years go, while the E&P industry did not.

We think that this change is coming to E&P and we have decided to go ahead and take the lead.

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Product Information

The HueSpace toolkit is licensed on a per-developer basis (all capabilities available, debug builds, etc) and run-time basis for bundling and use with commercial applications. Learn more about HueSpace licensing.
If you are considering development of an application or module in the E&P domain, we offer access to an evaluation. Please contact us for further information.