How Is HueSpace Different from Other Development Platforms?

With HueSpace, the Core Engine manages all the interaction between data, compute and visualization—and all interaction and management of processors—so that your developers don't have to. Instead they can work with one consistent and mature HueSpace API and focus on developing application software.

For maximum flexibility, HueSpace provides a range of options for software development—from brand new applications in a pure HueSpace environment; to integration of specific HueSpace capabilities (e.g., Compute or Visualization system) into your existing applications, which might be your end goal or your first step in migrating to a complete HueSpace environment. Of course, maximum benefits will be realized with the complete HueSpace environment and capabilities working together as designed.

Our main differences from other platforms are as follows:

  • Industry's only dedicated E&P development platform to unite data, compute and visualization in a single environment; with a core engine to make it easier for developers to deliver the outstanding performance required by E&P end-users.
  • HueSpace makes it significantly easier to use and manage new computer technology, such as algorithms for and scalability across GPUs. Hue maintains the leading edge on hardware so that our clients can focus on their science.
  • HueSpace delivers compute-driven visualization and user interaction which provides a leap in end-user experienced performance. The HueSpace data flow pipeline approach coupled with advanced caching and I/O methods means HueSpace-powered applications can quickly process and render terabyte-sized data sets, thousands of wells, or huge, complex geologic models.
  • The HueSpace flexible, easy-to-use plug-in system gives you full access to extend all core HueSpace capabilities - yet all such extensions work in full symphony with all existing capabilities of the platform.

Summarizing : HueSpace is equally ideal for development 'from scratch' as for integration with existing applications. You can use HueSpace as your complete software platform for new development or start by implementing specific HueSpace features to extend existing applications, migrating to full platform implementation over time.

Managing GPU/CPU and Driving GPU(s) - So Your Developers Don't Have To

New technologies, like GPU, are dramatically improving performance on software applications - when they can be quickly and correctly used.

HueSpace inherently handles all of GPU-related tasks, making it faster and easier to develop and maintain applications that process on the GPU, and manage data and memory as appropriate between GPUs and CPUs. These capabilities mean that HueSpace-powered applications "know" which processors - CPUs and/or GPUs - are available and HueSpace libraries perform all related tasks, such as partitioning and data I/O. Your developers do not have to invest major time to write code for these vital yet mundane tasks, and can instead focus on high-value, domain-specific functionality. These benefits have been proven through years of collaboration with some of the industry's most demanding clients.

Also, HueSpace compresses and decompresses data on the GPU (or CPU if more powerful than the GPU), enabling remote large data streaming and on-the-fly data marshaling, which is one of the unique capabilities that make HueSpace-powered applications so fast.

An Eye on the Future

Hue works closely with technology leaders, such as NVIDIA, tracking high performance computing (HPC) technology development and advancements and incorporating new capabilities into HueSpace, even before they are available to the broader market. This approach means that, with HueSpace, developers always have access to the latest in processing capabilities—without any changes to application program code.

For example, Hue was using GPUs for computation even before NVIDIA CUDA was invented, and it is always on the latest version of CUDA and the NVIDIA GPU architectures.

Product Information

The HueSpace toolkit is licensed on a per-developer basis (all capabilities available, debug builds, etc) and run-time basis for bundling and use with commercial applications. Learn more about HueSpace licensing.
If you are considering development of an application or module in the E&P domain, we offer access to an evaluation. Please contact us for further information.