HueSpace Training

For larger groups of developers, Hue can offer customized training to fit your needs.

HueSpace is implemented in C++ and achieves its flexibility and high-performance through a combination of architectural features. Our expert developers will walk you through and help you understand how you best apply our technology into your application.

By having good knowledge of the architecture and technology details, your team will be in an excellent position to take advantage of all of HueSpace's powerful capabilities, allowing rapid prototyping and development of your application and getting your product to market - fast.

Product Information

The HueSpace toolkit is licensed on a per-developer basis (all capabilities available, debug builds, etc) and run-time basis for bundling and use with commercial applications. Learn more about HueSpace licensing.
If you are considering development of an application or module in the E&P domain, we offer access to an evaluation. Please contact us for further information.