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  • Introducing Hue Streams - next-generation seismic compression technology

    At the Annual Meeting for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists in Denver, CO, Hue introduced 'Hue Streams', a next-generation seismic compression technology that offers significant technical and economical advantages to the oil and gas industry.

    Hue Streams' real-time seismic compression results in a massive reduction in storage utilization and significant time savings for all seismic-consuming workflows. Over the past 8 years, Hue has conducted R&D on a data format (VDS) and compression technology for seismic data, and is now making it available to the industry as a stand-alone product. Hue's technology has achieved an optimal combination of compression quality and performance.

    Hue Streams makes direct access to compressed data faster than direct access to uncompressed data; turning the whole paradigm upside down. Compressed data can finally be a native format and it can be used equally well for seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation. Hue Streams scales across multi-CPU and GPUs, enabling batch compression and the ability to scale with faster I/O sub systems. On a laptop, Hue Streams compresses SEG-Y at over 300 MB/sec, using only the system CPU. The compression ratio with highly usable data quality is in the 20-30X range.

    Super majors, national oil companies and independent software vendors have already conducted rigorous analysis and benchmarking of the compression technique, and have been using it in production for several years.

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    Hue Streams is licensed for corporate usage as well as for individual applications (commercial and proprietary)
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