Enabling O&G Companies & ISVs to Rapidly Deliver Geoscience Innovation.

HueSpace is the only E&P software toolkit that combines lightning fast computation on GPUs and CPUs with state of the art domain-oriented, multi-dimensional visualization and intelligent data handling of E&P data in an all-in-one, easy-to-use toolkit.  

Applications that rely on HueSpace benefit from unparalleled interactivity & scalability.  If you already have an existing application/framework, then in most cases, this can be extended with HueSpace (and co-exist with other visualization toolkits).


When is HueSpace relevant?

Exploration, development & production is more challenging than ever.  Delivering software that enable geoscientists to make their decisions is equally challenging.

Dataset Sizes Continue to Increase

Datasets and data types in question are huge and multi-dimensional. Current WAZ datasets are tens or hundreds of terabytes. Reservoir simulation grids approach hundreds of millions or cells (or more!) and mature fields have potentially thousands of wells. How data is stored and how fast it can be retrieved, computed on (and potentially visualized) and updated is critical almost regardless of E&P workflow.

Data Interaction

Interactivity matters.  Providing immediate feedback to users is crucial. Geoscientists need to analyse data interactively, properly test one or hundreds of hypotheses, and understand all types of subsurface data in context. HueSpace incorporates a truly advanced, high-performance (GPU) compute framework which helps accelerate interactive workflows as well as batch-driven workflows.


Visualization matters.  Visualization is hugely important because that is how geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers and analysts think and analyze their data: Visually. HueSpace provide wide E&P data visualization 'out-of-the-box', with full flexibility to expand or enhance to suit additional needs.

By employing HueSpace, users get the benefit of GPU acceleration and parallellization, data streaming of compressed data and immediate feedback. Developers get the benefit of being able to deliver products faster that meet the needs of users today and in the future.

Product Information

The HueSpace toolkit is licensed on a per-developer basis (all capabilities available, debug builds, etc) and run-time basis for bundling and use with commercial applications. Learn more about HueSpace licensing.
If you are considering development of an application or module in the E&P domain, we offer access to an evaluation. Please contact us for further information.