• RMS 2013 - image courtesy Roxar
  • Reservoir Modeling: Uncertainty Quantification and Disjointed Workflows Revised (Article Offshore Magazine)

    Oil and gas companies always strive to make the best possible reservoir management decisions, a task that requires them to understand and quantify uncertainties and how these uncertainties are affecting their decisions. In attempting to ascertain risk, however, great uncertainty pertaining to the geological data and thus the description of the reservoir, as well as time-consuming workflows, are current bottlenecks impeding the ability of oil and gas companies to address their business needs.

    New technologies and approaches enable faster, more accurate, and more intuitive modeling to help today's geophysicists make better decisions.

    Hue, in collaboration with Roxar, recently wrote an article for Offshore Magazine on reservoir modeling and challenges pertaining to uncertainty and workflows, and suggest a different approach to allow for better reservoir understanding.

    Read the full article on Offshore Magazine's website here or download a pdf of the article here

    Contributors to the article: Lenovo, Magma and NVIDIA.

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