Seismic modelling through the cloud (Digital Energy Journal article, September 25, 2014)

Hue, Calgary Scientific, Lenovo, NVIDIA and Magma have teamed up to combine hardware and software offerings that deliver high-performance interactive, visual energy exploration data from the cloud

Five companies - Hue, Calgary Scientific, Lenovo, NVIDIA and Magma - have developed a solution architecture to enable an oil company's geoscientists to perform graphics and processing-intensive tasks on their desktop computers (or laptops or even tablets), with all of the data storage and real-time processing actually carried out many miles away in a private cloud.

This can include processing raw seismic data, and then interpreting and modelling it, and running simulations.

It is common practice to use visualization to operate a regular workstation remotely on mobile devices, but until recently the quality and performance of the visualization has been limited by the capabilities of these devices.

The initiative from Hue, Calgary Scientific, Magma, NVIDIA and Lenovo solves this problem: providing a user experience tailored to a tablet or browser, which effectively has 70+ teraflops of visualization and compute capacity backing that experience.

So, instead of constraining the geoscientist by providing inadequate tools, the combined solution supports challenging scenarios related to interactivity, scalability and data management and performance.

With the joint solution, a software company could enable geoscientists to access cloud-enabled applications on mobile phones or tablet computers, while they are in the airport or elsewhere, with the performance and quality of a dedicated workstation.

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