Innovation Delivered
AVO Reimagined

To quote from a paper by Dr. Ron Masters, geoscience advisor of Headwave :

«Interpreters can sometimes directly identify reservoirs and hydrocarbons by observing associated Amplitude v. Offset anomalies in seismic data. The underlying science is mature [Castagna & Backus 1993], and many forms of attribute analysis have been used routinely for a long time, including AvO cross plotting [Masters, 1989]. Typically AvO analysis has been applied by multi-disciplinary experts to confirm prospects already been identified by conventional interpretation. Their work always depended on prior knowledge of which prospective horizon to investigate, and what combination of AvO attributes would provide the appropriate recognition criteria in each case, until now.»


Dr. Ron Masters invented a new AVO cross plot approach which is obvious to use for interpreters, and directly allows interpreters to output lithology and fluid cubes that conform to structure and anomaly. Interpreters can make judgments about reservoir and fluid calls based on the structural fit, geomorphology, and comparisons at analog wells. It almost has to be seen and used to be properly appreciated.

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What are the benefits?

  • From (huge) prestack datasets, perform offset to angle conversions, output any near/far or AVO attributes that are desirable - on the fly
  • Use cross plot to highlight anomalies by highlighting these in the actual datasets - a real "what you see is what you get" approach
  • Output lithology and fluid cubes directly for further interpretation
  • Turn-around time below any other AVO approach in the industry, thanks to full acceleration and reinvention of the user experience