Visual Innovation Delivered

Since the inception of Hue in 2001, we've delivered a long list of innovations in visualization to the industry.

HueSpace enabled applications immediately benefit from the industry's state-of-the-art visualization capabilities.  Covering a wide range of E&P data visualization needs right out of the box, geoscience developers can focus more on the geoscience and less on low-level aspects of GPU memory management, OpenGL shader code for collision detection, etc.  HueSpace has logic to handle such low-level things.  This is why both commercial applications as well as in-house proprietary applications rely on HueSpace for interactive visualization needs.

Out-of-the-box, state-of-the-art domain specific visualization of

  • Seismic data (prestack, poststack, velocities, attributes, etc)
  • Interpretation (horizons, faults, structural models, etc)
  • Geologic models
  • Reservoir models (fully unstructured)
  • Well data

Additionally, a full API is available for custom visualizations.

Innovations in Visualization

  • (2003) HPC-based volume rendering, remote streaming
  • (2005) "Sugarcube" rendering of discrete voxels in e.g. geobodies
  • (2006) Proper depth-sorting of semi-transparent geometries and volumes
  • (2006) Unstructured grid rendering method
  • (2008) Occlusion-based shading for both volumetric datasets and geometry
  • (2009) Unique well rendering method
  • .. and many more...